Introducing YAZBAND

A native of Osaka Japan, Yasuyuki "YAZ" Takagi lives in Brooklyn New York since 1992. He formed his own band called "YAZ BAND" in 2002 and has been playing in New York Metro area.  

Yaz Band is a four piece group which plays classic R&B songs written by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire and Marvin Gaye as well as original instrumental tunes influenced by Grover Washington, Jr., Maceo Parker and The Crusaders.  

As an official member of the Metropolitan Transit Authority sponsored "Music Under New York" series, Yaz Band has performed at various New York City subway stations..  

YAZ BAND has gained further exposure and recognition “above ground” as performed at the Lincoln Center's “Out of Doors” Festival and at the historic "Apollo Theater" , both in New York City. Additionally, audiences have had the pleasure to hear his energetic and soulful playing at many venues throughout the metropolitan area. Yaz's popularity has soared to the extent that he has also appeared on television in his native Japan and New York City's smooth jazz radio station. 

Introducing YAZBAND in Japanese

YAZ こと高木靖之は、1992年4月渡米し、ニューヨーク・ブルックリンに居を構える。  


 YAZ BAND は、サックス、キーボード、ベース、ドラムの 4 名編成のバンドで、R&B のカバーや、オリジナル曲を演奏。サックスのエモーショナルなフレーズとダイナミックなパフォーマンス、そして、経験豊富なリズムセクション、ストリートで彼らが演奏をはじめると、みるみる人垣ができてゆく。  



 また、ニューヨークの FM ラジオ番組やケーブルテレビへの出演、リンカーンセンターの屋外コンサートやハーレムの「ミントンズ・プレイハウス」'「アポロシアター」にも出演、韓国ツアーやアリゾナ州のジャズフェスティバルに出演するなど精力的に活動。  

 アメリカのテレビ局 FOX5やCBSの番組で紹介されたり、日本のテレビ番組や「地球の歩き方ニューヨーク」、朝日新聞にも紹介されるなど、日米のメディアに頻繁に取り上げられている。